Lyme-Aid Media and Press-Releases

Below are links to the media articles and press releases associated with Lyme-Aid.

  1. Lyme-Aid Featured in The Pennsylvania Surveyor, a Newsletter for the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors
  2. Informational Video on the Origins of The Lyme-Aid Kit
  3. The Pocono Local Flair Article On Lyme-Aid
  4. Press Enterprise Online's Article on Lyme-Aid
  5. The Lancaster Intelligencer Journal's Article on Lyme-Aid
  6. Technology Transfer Tactics Article on Lyme-Aid
  7. Keystone Edge's Feature Article On Lyme-Aid
  8. WFMZ Lyme-Aid News Report
  9. Lyme-Aid Press Release: November 28, 2012
  10. Economic Development News From Penn's Northeast

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